Katherinee Soto

In December 2014, Katherinee Soto, born and raised in the Dominican Republic, relocated to join most of her family in Boston, MA.

Much of her family had moved in the past couple years and Soto decided it was time for her and her two children to do the same. It was not long after relocating when she discovered MUA.

“I found out about MUA in 2016,” said Soto. “My aunt and friends spoke about how good the school was. They were all students here too.”

Soto would soon find out for herself of how helpful MUA would be, as she now has nothing but great things to say about all of the skills she has learned in her time with the organization.

“I took the computer class and English level one and two,” said Soto. “I’ve also learned about child care and home care for (elderly people). My goal is to speak more English and I want to get a better job. I really want to study at a university.”

Soto attended university in the Dominican Republic, where she studied accounting and finance which are the studies she hopes to continue in the US. She credits MUA with helping prepare her to go to a university in the US.

She has also recently become a citizen but has not had time just yet to celebrate as her studies have kept her busy in the past few weeks. She spends most of her free time with her kids and also loves to dance as well.

“I love dancing, to all music,” she said. “I have danced for a long time.”

While she has not been able to find the time recently to enjoy this hobby, on October 30th she managed to find the time.

“That is the day I became a citizen,” she happily said. “So yes, I danced a lot.”