Mitchelle Mathias

Mitchelle Mathias always loved reading, and it is this hobby that played a great part in her journey from Haiti to Boston, MA.

“I love reading the medical books and the bible and really anything with medicine,” said Mathias. “I studied medicine in Cuba, but here, to practice to become a doctor, you have to pass all of the tests that I’ve been studying for.”

Mathias first came to Boston two years ago after being born and raised in Haiti and spending six years in Cuba, where she first began her studies in medicine. She is a single mother who finds motivation in the hardships she has seen others endure.

“I like helping people, especially people who don’t have much money who suffer and really need the help. It is (where) a lot of my motivation comes from,” said Mathias.

She was able to see firsthand the value of providing help to people during her time studying at MUA, where she learned to speak English along with advancing her medical studies with courses like phlebotomy.

“When I came here I was looking for a school and a friend told me about MUA,” said Mathias. “When I came here, I passed the assessment and then they called me and I entered the community. They really help you grow. I learned English here and I’m still taking some classes.”

Mathias is now on her way to achieving her lifelong goal of getting her license to become a medical doctor. She credits the assistance she received from MUA for her advancement, along with helping her integrate into the community.

“They [MUA] give you assistance for housing and they will help you with your resume and lots of other stuff if you need it,” said Mathias.

Because of all the help she received from MUA, Mathias now volunteers for the organization, helping others whoare entering the program and starting out in a new community– just as she did two years ago.

After our discussion, Mathias finished up a long day of coursework and volunteering. She looks tired, but smiles and says, “Yes, now I can go home and read some more.”