Sandra Tavares

Years ago, Sandra Tavares had an experience in Boston, MA, her new home at the time, which she will never forget.

“I remember I went to the hospital and I couldn’t speak any English with the doctor,” said Tavares. “I said no, no, no, this is not going to work. I need to speak English so I don’t need to ask others for help.”

Tavares came to Boston 10 years ago with her family from Cape Verde. Since moving here, she has had two children with her husband and has worked tirelessly to learn English along with other skills, using her experience at the hospital as a constant motivation.

Tavares found her stride in learning English at MUA along with other skills.

“I’m happy I found this school because they really help students here a lot,” said Tavares. “Whatever you need they help you. I told my friend that I feel MUA is my second home. This is a very good school. And also, they are very good teachers.”

More than once throughout our discussion, she checked to make sure I could understand her. I assured her that her English is great.

“I’ve learned a lot here,” said Tavares. “Like how to speak English, how to use verbs correctly. I’ve improved my English a lot.”

She is very happy with the education she has gotten at MUA, and not just with her language courses.

“I just started a computer class last month and the professor is very good,” said Tavares. “If I get the opportunity to take the phlebotomy course I will, but I really would like to focus on business.”

Tavares went on to explain that her brother and his friend are trying to start a medicine company and that she would like to work for their business after getting her education.

MUA has helped me so much in the last two years. I’d like to have a better education so I can find a better job and improve myself,” said Tavares. “I want to work as a businesswoman.”

Tavares does all of this on top of taking care of her daughter and son. When she is not at MUA she reads to her kids and teaches them how to cook. Her daughter is in school and learning how to speak English as well. Her son is younger, and she is able to bring him to MUA’s daycare that they have on site.