“My name is Arlinedelix. I was born in Puerto Rico. I cam with my family to live in Boston when I was eleven years old. I studied at Boston High School until eleventh grade, until I dropped out because I wanted to get a job. I tried to enroll in a EDP program, but I was not motivated enough to study. Later, I got married and had two children.

Years later, I started looking for a school to finish high school, but I live in Brockton, where there is no Spanish Hi-SET program. When my younger son was three years old, my sister in law told me about MUA. I thought it was the time to continue with my education. I enrolled in the Spanish Hi-SET program and in the ESL Career and Computer Skills program. Both programs were very useful because I could enhance the quality of my native language, improve my English reading and writing skills, and develop computer skills. Now, I am looking to enroll in nursing school. I feel I am a better mother because I can help my children with their homework and encourage them to be bilingual.”