We offer a wide range of classes, from English as a Second Language (ESL) and Basic Spanish Literacy to Computer Classes and High School Equivalencies.

English as a Second Language ClassesPre-ESL ClassesComputer ClassesHigh School Equivalency Testing in Spanish (GED)

ESL Classes

We offer three levels of ESL classes, all with a civics focus. ESL classes teach students speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Classes are based on Brazilian educator Paulo Freire’s participatory approach to education: students’ voices and life experiences greatly inform the curriculum. Learning is student-centered and hands-on as students have an active role in class content and program evaluation. 

ESL 1: Little-to-no Previous Study of English
ESL 2: Expand your English Skills
ESL 2 Advanced/Work Skills: For Professional & Education Seekers
ESL 3: Become an English Master

Pre-ESL Class

Basic Spanish Literacy Class:

Computer Classes

With the technology sector growing larger every day and the need for computer skills in almost every job, MUA is proud to offer three levels of computer classes for our students.

Basic, Bilingual Computer Class
Intermediate Computer Class:
Advanced Computer Class:

High School Equivalency Testing (Hi-SET) in Spanish (previously GED)

MUA prepares students in the five subject areas of the Hi-SET so they can take these exams in Spanish: reading, writing, science, social studies, and mathematics. A high school diploma opens up many possibilities for employment, higher education, and personal fulfillment.

Pre Hi-SET
Hi-SET Intermediate and Hi-SET Advanced: