Our Story

Boston’s bitter cold winter ignited MUA’s creation. While teaching local residents how to set up insulation material to protect against freezing temperatures, a group of We-Can┬ávolunteers discovered that a great number of Latinas did not know how to speak English. The majority of these girls and women were low-income, unmarried mothers with little to no education in their native language. 1979 marked MUA’s inception in a church basement, where volunteers gathered to teach English to low-income mothers.

Almost 40 years later, MUA has bloomed into a vibrant education-based non-profit, serving 404 students and 44 children a year.

MUA empowers Latina girls and women to believe in themselves and grow into leadership roles through free classes and social services. These leaders serve as mentors to their peers, families, and community. With program graduates serving within the organization, MUA understands the Latina community on the grassroots level and is committed to their mission to increase Latina access to education and professional mobility.

Since 1979, we have helped nearly 8,670 girls and women and 1,590 children. Roughly 1,650 girls and women obtained their High School Equivalency; 4,600 girls and women have learned English; 4,300 are working; 840 have enrolled in college; 770 have found housing; and more than 1,560 children have gained readiness for school.

MUA is dedicated to serving our communities and helping Latina, immigrant families find solidarity and ease of life in the U.S.